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Yorkshire Terriers and yorkie clothes

Yorkshire Terriers are cheerful, merry and full of life, they love attention and cannot stand being alone. Their pretty muzzles, small size and mischievous character do not leave anyone indifferent.


It is no secret that most often Yorkshire terriers are purchased by women, and it is women who can perfectly understand the fashion and do not forget to please their pets with all sorts of dresses. Fortunately, the fashion industry for the dogs is not static and it is not difficult to create a unique image for your favorite doggie or pick up clothes, perfectly harmonizing with your own style.

Quite varied Yorkie’s wardrobe includes almost all kinds of clothing for people: overalls and jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts, dresses, pants, sleepwear, sportswear, and even fur coats. In addition to clothing lines many different accessories are produced as well: a stylish dog-collars, leashes, barrettes and bows for forelocks, jewelry. The most interesting thing is yorkie clothes bring joy to doggies and they become very attentive to their appearance and actively participate in the process of titivation. It is especially touching to see when Yorkie is getting involved and presents itself as fashionable women, proudly pacing or posing for the camera. But in the pursuit of fashion it should not be forgotten that yorkie clothes should be comfortable, practical and high quality.

Yorkshire Terriers have a unique coat that requires special care, so the yorkie clothes should differ slightly from the clothes for other dogs. For example, during the summer Yorkie’s coat can fade, so T-shirts and dresses, that cover the back, would not be superfluous. Moreover, soft hair of Yorkshire terrier is prone to tangling, so clothes should not have any open seams and fleecy materials are not suitable for lining. It is better to choose a silk-lined raincoats and winter overalls, lined with sliding materials.


The special attention should be paid to fastener of the yorkie clothes. The ideal solution is snap closure as there is a probability to pinch coat with zipper, and Velcro closure quite quickly becomes clogged with coat and becomes unusable. The only way in which the zipper closure may be acceptable is when it is located on the back and on the reverse side under it there is a strip of fabric that prevents coat getting into the zipper.
And of course do not forget about shoes for Yorkie, it will not only warm the dog paws, but also will protect them from chemicals and cuts.
Of course, yorkie clothes should be strictly suitable in size. Do not buy yorkie clothes with room for growth, it will interfere with moving your pet, thus causing a very negative association, and complicating the process of habituation to the clothing. And if doggie gets mixed up in loose-fitting clothing, it can even cause injury. And do not forget that all manufacturers have their own range of sizes, so check with a table every time to clarify size.
One of the most convenient and popular way to purchase yorkie clothes is the Internet shops. They submit the most comprehensive range of products, show photographs of models from all angles and on the dogs, and give a detailed description. And if you have any doubts about choosing the size, the courier will bring a few items to try on. Thus, you will get your desired purchases without leaving your home and save your time.

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