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Yorkie - clothes, dress-patterns and style

Yorkie, Yorkshire terrier is a small fancy doggy. This is a companion dog. If in the very beginning it was a dog of weavers a little later after the aristocracy had got interested in the dog it became an object of luxury.


Luxury this is luxury that is why a dog began claiming attention and attitude of a quite different type. The dog’s hair became silky under the influence of lanolin, long and smooth to the touch. Its hair used to be plaited and decorated.

Of course, nowadays there are also various decorations alongside with clothes numbers. We can choose quite broad-ranging Yorkie clothes from the light ponchos to the fur manteaux and coats. If first Yorkie clothes were useful, warm, water resistant, designed and suitable for walks, then with due time those things have been bought in order just to decorate a dog. Yorkie is used to be dressed out and decorated. Yorkshire terrier has become a fancy dog following its owner almost everywhere.

The Yorkie clothes, the dress-patterns of which may be very different, have become luxury, glamorous, stylish. Herewith the style of Yorkie’s dresses used to suit the lady-owner’s clothes in general.

But in addition to the expensive dresses you should have the Yorkie clothes that does not cost much. Not always the owners of Yorkshire terrier walk in public doing nothing. You have to walk with your pet just because it needs.
And if it is dump and even worse it rains the cheap clothes like a simple romper-raincoat will be very useful.

Of course, different people understand the word “cheap” in their own way, the one speaks about a low-cost commercial romper and the other uses a luxury romper as the everyday dress for his Yorkie.

The dress-making establishments specialized on the dog clothes start their activity only for reasons of usefulness; nowadays they are involved in production of the stylish clothes for dogs of high-quality.


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