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As Yorkshire terriers don’t have undercoat, they are very sensitive to low temperatures.


Coat warms Yorkie about the same way as hair warms human head. It is necessary to protect your pet from cold and drafts. For winter walking you need to purchase some warm yorkie clothes.

As one of the most popular breeds of dogs, Yorkshire terriers can afford to have a rather varied wardrobe. Manufacturers are offering yorkie clothing and accessories for every taste. In the shops you can easily find jackets, raincoats, warm winter overalls, dresses, sportswear, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies as well as all kinds of accessories: bows and barrettes, collars and leashes. Considering the specific structure of the Yorkie’s coat, many shops offer special clothing for dogs. Such clothing is lined with a slippery material – viscose, silk or satin, which prevents the rolling up coat in the plicas.

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